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Ellendale sits 14 miles south of Owatonna, and 16 miles north of Albert Lea at I-35 and Highway 30 (exit 26).


Named for the wife of C.J. Ives, a railroad president. Ellen Dale was a friend to all who worked the line. A beautiful, prosperous little village, named for the kind and thoughtful Ellen.


Today, Ellendale is a peaceful, community-minded, friendly city—home to more than 600 people—offering a low cost of living, minimal traffic, no city sales tax, updated water and sewer system, and a strong sense of community. 

City Notifications:

November 8th (Tuesday): General Election. Ellendale Citizens can vote at the Community Center from 7:00 am - 8:00 pm. See City Ballot below.

November 10th (Thursday): Monthly City Council Meeting at 7:00 pm.


November 11th (Friday): City Office closed to observe Veteran's Day.

November 24th-25th (Thursday-Friday): City Office closed to observe the Thanksgiving Holiday.


A) A snowfall of three (3) or more inches within an eight (8) hour period of time shall constitute a snow emergency. The emergency shall continue in effect for a period of 24 hours from the end of the snowfall or until snow has been removed from the city’s streets.


B) This section does not apply to street parking within a two-block radius of duly constituted churches for regularly scheduled weekend services, holiday services, funerals and weddings. Street parking is allowed one hour prior and one hour after the scheduled service times.


(C) During a declared snow emergency, no motor vehicle shall be left parked on any street or public way in the city.


(D)  During a declared snow emergency, any law enforcement officer who finds a motor vehicle in violation of this section shall attempt to contact the owner of the motor vehicle and require the owner to immediately move the motor vehicle so as not to be in violation of this section. If the owner does not immediately remove the motor vehicle or the owner cannot be located, Law Enforcement is authorized to have the motor vehicle removed at the owner's expense.